Prices for most of the guitar painting and refinishing services we offer are listed below. However, depending on the colors you may want and the complexity of the paint scheme as well as condition of your guitar, prices may vary slightly. Please contact us to get an EXACT price quote on your paticular project.

We accept Visa, Mastercard or PayPal as forms of payment. (2.9% additional for PayPal)

For all inquiries please email us at: SCSGUITARS@YAHOO.COM


Paint Body in just Clear Coat $235
Solid Color Finishes $265
Vintage Color Finishes $265
Metallic Finishes $275
Pearl Finishes $280
Neon Finishes $290
Paint Lions Claw/Trem Cavity $65
Kandy Finishes $305
Transparent Color Finishes $275
Dyed Grain Enhanced Finishes $320
Kameleon Finishes $380
Custom Designed Finishes – Email
Flame Paint Jobs $475 & up
Swirl Finishes (Body Only) $365
Swirl Finish on headstock $100
Paint Headstock (Solid, Mettalic, Pearl or Kandy) $75
Mask the sides of a Guitar 1/4″ so there will be a Natural Binding $40

* Add $25 to any of these for a Bass

**Add $65 to any of these for Set-Neck & Neck-Thru Guitars

***Add $45 to any of these if the color you want is Red (Most expensive color)

****Prices listed above include doing all the prep work as well as
sanding & painting it in a Base Coat/Clear Coat Finish

**** Custom paint jobs & builds can be very time consuming & tedious & often times unsuspected issues can arise during the refinishing or building process on your guitar or someone else’s that can cause delays, which inturn effects everyone’s project as far as turnaround time is concerned. While we strive to complete projects in the amount of time quoted (and many times the guitar is completed before the quoted time) it cannot be guaranteed. Weather can also play a huge factor in turnaround time as we do not paint if the humidity is too high, raining, below freezing temperatures, complexity of build or paint work, etc. (Please keep in mind we’re painting guitars here that are wood, not cars). There will be no refunds on paint projects or custom builds b/c the original quoted turnaround time has passed, as many times we have already purchased the materials, paint, wood, etc and began the project. If you choose to have us send your guitar back incomplete there will not be a full or even partial refund. Please take this into consideration before sending your guitar in for paint work or placing an order for a custom project. By sending your guitar to us for work or by ordering a custom guitar, body, neck etc. from us means that you accept these terms & conditions.